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January 8, 2015

Warm, NYC

And so I moved. Downtown. To Nolita, one of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods, and where I already spent most of my time drinking coffee and working in the places that sold me said coffee. Although I'd secretly had it in my mind that I wanted to leave the Upper East Side by the first of the year, I didn't really have any solid plans to do so. And then one thing led to another, which is to say that the whole thing happened by accident, quite suddenly, and now here I am, exhausted by three trips to IKEA in a single week and carrying very heavy and messily packed bags up four flights of stairs. I am in great shape, though.

In honor of my new location, I decided to write about Warm, a shop I discovered about six months ago that is now a block from where I live. See Warm's wonderfulness for yourself, by clicking here.