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Very forceful: Homemade raw almond milk, banana, pineapple, filtered water, soaked cashews, lime, dates, macs, proviotic vegan probiotic, sea salt.

September 15, 2014

Vital Force, Juice Press

So last week was incredibly exciting. And tiring. And inspiring. And overwhelming. And fun. I don't know if you've ever been lucky enough to do work that you absolutely love, but my project with Anthropologie was absolutely that. It's annoying when people say it but in this case it was true--I was living the dream, doing the exact hting I set out to do when I started my company. 

But walking around the city all day, coupled with the stress of wanting the work I produced to be absolutely PERFECT, was taxing, to say the least. (Ah yes, perfectionism, the pursuit of which is probably one of life's most exhausting occupations.) I had to find ways to take care of myself, or I would have gone completely insane. And of course one of the easiest ways to take care of myself was to eat as well as I could. For me that means eating when I'm hungry and eating mix of healthy stuff and treats, so that I don't feel deprived and eat everything that's not nailed down, whether I actually want it or not. My mornings tended to be rushed, the kind of situation where you're washing your hair with one hand and holding a giant caffeinated beverage in the other. So Vital Force, in addition to having a great name--it's like the superhero of breakfast beverages--was my best friend. You can eat it on the run, for one thing. You get all the creaminess of yogurt, one of my favorite breakfast foods, without the heaviness that sometimes accompanies dairy. And it's sweet without being too sweet. It goes well with coffee. And it's not so filling that you can't have a cookie later. And maybe half a sandwich.

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What's your breakfast of choice when you're in a rush?