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October 2, 2013

The Styley: Zach Frater, volunteer, Queerocracy

The Styley: And what drew you to the turtleneck, which is gingham, not a print one often sees on turtlenecks?

Zach Frater: I like to wear kind of feminine clothing. I find a lot of stuff in women's sections.

TS: And what are you drawn to?

ZF: Prints. Do you mean why women's wear specifically?

TS: Yes.

ZF: It's just part of my gender expression. I feel more powerful sometimes, in women's clothes. 

TS: Why more powerful?

ZF: I was raised by a lot of females, and just always had a lot of powerful women in my life. I draw a lot of inspiration from women in general. It's also a conscious decision to say that even though I'm a man I can have female role models. In a world where women are often treated like second-class citizens, I feel like that's my part.