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Gearing up for Fashion Week with a little help from my friends at Anthropologie.

September 3, 2014

The Styley x Anthropologie: S/S 2015 Fashion Week Diary #1

If you've been following me on Instagram or reading my other blog, All the Good Juice, you may already know that I was recently in Paris on a very serious No-Carb-Left-Behind mission. You may also know that I'm working with Anthropologie on a special project in honor of New York Fashion week. As of today (9/4), I'll be commandeering their Instagram feed and posting some sweet streestyle on their blog. If you're in New York, get ready, because I might want to take your picture. If you're not in New York, well, that's what social media is for! Come along for the ride.

During Fashion Week--well, most of the time, actually, but especially during Fashion Week--I leave the house early and come back late, so I need to have everything with me. I'm kind of like a turtle that way. The folks at Anthropologie were kind enough to send me a few things to help me stay organized while I'm out and about. Here's the breakdown, from top (row) to bottom.

Clairaut Cape: I always think it's funny when I read that ponchos are in style. For me, they are never out of style. If I see one that I like, I buy it. This one is plaid, pink, and feels like the most elegant blanket you've ever encountered. I think I may have finally met The One. He and I will be together all week, no matter what the occasion.

Mini P.S. 12 Notebook: I've been writing things down since I was eight years old. Now I'm at a stage where if I don't write it down, it basically didn't happen. A pretty notebook makes this fact easier to swallow.

Woven Etchings Glasses Case: I have a bad habit of tossing my shades into my bag and then breaking them because they end up crushed beneath the weight of the five million other things in there. This case is the answer to all of my prayers. And then of course there's the fact that it snaps shut like a change purse, which is an awesome Fifties twist I totally dig.

Helene Tortie Sunglasses: These will shield my eyes from the blinding light of fashion (and the sun, of course) and help me channel my inner Olsen. Who doesn't need the Power of Mary-Kate on her side during fashion week? 

Bari Wedges: They're chunky. They're gold. You get all of the benefits of a heel without the attendant dangers (looking like an idiot because you can't walk, actually breaking a bone for the same reason). Nuff said.

Night Cafe Pouch: I'm an extremist. I travel really heavy or really light. Which means I either have one pouch total or four million pouches shoved into one larger bag. This guy can go both ways--he's a soloist AND a member of the corps. This week he'll be housing my wallet, my business cards, my iPhone, my iPad mini, my phone battery pack, my phone charger, gum, lipstick, hairbrush/mirror combo thing, and mascara. Yes, you can fit that much stuff inside--I tested it out--without making him look lumpy and, well, inelegant. He's like the Spanx of clutches. 

Thoughts, reflections, suggestions...all welcome. Let the games begin!