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You could definitely rock these at a wedding, depending on what else you were wearing. But if you couldn't walk in them, there wouldn't be any point in doing so.

February 9, 2014

The Styley Solves Your First World Problems #1

Despite never having a date, I enjoy weddings, probably because they involve finger food and dancing. I also like an excuse for buying a new dress, although let's face it, I like an excuse to spend money at pretty much any given opportunity.

But sometimes weddings require outlays of cash that are annoying for one reason or another: We don't have the cash, we don't have the time necessary to find the thing we need, or we want to be comfortable and can't figure out a way to make sneakers work. Earlier this week my friend Madeleine posted on Facebook about looking for a pair of comfortable, wedding-appropriate black shoes with a manageable heel (3 inches or less) that could be worn for events other than the wedding in question. Because I apparently have too much time on my hands, I decided to do some research. See my findings below.

1) Air Chelsea pump by Cole Haan (they're made with Nike sneaker technology, y'all);

2) Ibiza pump from Acquitalia by Marvin K. (weatherproof, plus a lot of people tend to find rounded toes more comfortable);

3) Make Rem pump from Gentle Souls (I think these would look particularly cute with a long dress, and they would give a simple short shift a nice kick);

4) Celine pump from Me Too (patent is good for all seasons!);

5) Wanda pump from Naturalizer (the hardware at the back is subtle but cool, and this is a great shape for a swinging 60s mod look);

6) Gabor pump (yummy suede);

7) Seven to 7 Wedge from Rockport (these would look great with flared/bootcut jeans and a black turtleneck sweater as well as a skirt or a dress);

8) Del by Corso Como (this picture is not the best, but the link had the most available sizes, and in the other images I've seen the suede seems super-rich and great);

9) Guervie Leather Pump by Via (Spiga) (Cuban heel with a metallic sheen; pointed toe--what's not to like?);

10) Laci by Delman (they come in patent too).

I'm now exhausted and on the verge of blindness, so that should do.

Got a first-world problem you need solved? Email me at and I'll do my best to solve it, or at least come up with an excellent excuse about why I can't.