The Styley

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October 4, 2013

The Styley: Martha Sarfaty, cheesemonger

The Styley: You're a cheesemonger, which means you sell cheese. Where do you do that?

Martha Sarfaty: The Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg.

TS: Let's start with the belt. What happened on the day you bought it?

MS: My belt broke at work.

TS: While you were mongering cheese.

MS: Yes, while I was mongering.

TS: Do you remember what kind of cheese you were mongering.

MS: No.

TS: Okay, okay, continue.

MS: So I'm at work, and my belt rips where the hole is, so I go to the vintage store next door. [The belt] was five dollars.

TS: What's the name of the vintage store?

MS: Vice Versa.

TS: What appealed to you about the belt?

MS: It's a really simple, classic design, but with bright colors.

TS: I mean, it's a rainbow braided belt. What's not to like?

MS: And then the other side is muted, which I think is really amazing.

TS: So it flips!

MS: I think I could figure out a way to flip it. Oh, and it's a Capezio belt.

TS: Seriously?

MS: Yes.

TS: Genius.

MS: I was pretty excited about it.