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September 29, 2013

The Styley: Kate Logue

The Styley: What is the story behind your skirt?

Kate Logue: It's actually a dress. I bought it after work one day. I needed something a little bit longer for the office--I work in publishing. I like the dress, but I don't love the way the top of it fits me, so I just started randomly tying sweaters over it.

TS: Why this dress?

KL: I just liked the black and blue. It seemed like it had a little bit of an edge to it but was still a sweet, simple style. That's usually what I go for.

TS: And what about the studs, which are a little less sweet?

KL: I like that about it. It was around the same time that I bought my first leather jacket, so I was clearly going through a rough up my style thing. 

TS: How'd that work out?

KL: I think it's going okay.

TS: Yeah? You dig it?

KL: Yeah.

TS: Sweet.