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September 30, 2013

The Styley: Jessica Cook

The Styley: Can you tell me what the story is behind your shoes?

Jessica Cook: I got them from Beacon's Closet. They were $15. I think they're Sven, but I'm not sure. I love gold shoes.

TS: Oh yeah? Do you have a long history with gold shoes?

JC: I'm just always trying to get shiny metallic shoes, and I'm obsessed with clogs. I have a collection of clogs. I like white clogs too.

TS: Why white?

JC: I don't know. They're just different.

TS: And why clogs?

JC: They're comfortable. I was working as a waitress for about eight years, and I was wearing the Dansko ones. I had different colored Danskos. My mom is a nurse, so she introduced me to the whole clog world.

TS: And what do you do now?

JC: I'm an artist, a modern dancer, and a massage therapist at Moto Yoga in the West Village.

TS: And do you wear clogs while you're working?

JC: Sometimes I do, but we're actually not allowed to wear shoes in the yoga studio. I wear them all the time [when I'm not in there].

TS: And what's the deal with the metallics?

JC: I'm attracted to anything shiny. I'm a simple minded person. Shiny--I want it.