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August 27, 2013

The Styley: Preparations for Greece

This evening I'm heading out on a crazy adventure--eight days on a Greek island. Yes, you read that correctly.

A friend of mine is celebrating an important birthday, and she decided to rent a house on Syros and invite all of her peeps to come rock out about the fact that she was born. I won't attempt to describe to you where this island is, exactly, as I'm such a disaster with geography that my American History teacher in high school told me he would never want to be lost with me anywhere, ever. Just look it up, and you'll have a better sense of where it is than I could ever possibly give you.

With the help of my friend Christina (she lent me a ton of shit), I assembled a Talitha Getty-style trousseau for my trip. A sort of I'm-only-standing-here-because-I'm-waiting-for-my-yacht type of situation. Lots of gold and prints and sunglasses and bracelets you tie around your wrist. The most ingenuous thing about this particular assemblage of clothes is that I only have to take two pairs of shoes, and both of them are--drum roll, please--flat sandals. I should be able to dance all night with no problem. God, I'm smart.

I'll be taking lots of pictures, so stay tuned for those. And in case you want to see what's happening in real time, don't forget to follow @thestyley on Instagram.

And in case you're curious about the origin of the clothes (I actually bought these)...

Image 1: coverup by Le Tarte, purchased at Waves in Bridgehampton. Images 2 & 3: dresses by Marie Eiffel, purchased at Marie Eiffel in Sag Harbor.