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September 18, 2013

Styley Stuff: Top Siders

Top Siders. People of certain ages and style persuasions see them and think: Oh, so Preppy Handbook, so country club, so getting your license to drive a Boston Whaler when you're fourteen.

And frankly, I love that kind of stuff, even if I happen to be moving away from it in terms of my own personal style. When I was living in San Francisco I once wore a pink button down, serious flares, booties, and king's ransom's worth of fake pearls around my neck. I ran into a guy I knew whose expression said, "Are you freaking serious?", but who was too polite to say it. So I said, "Yes, it's super-preppy. But in an ironic way."

Here's the thing: It's hard to achieve ironic preppy when you're tall and blonde and look like you played field hockey in prep school. Which is kind of how I look. And I did go to prep school, although I didn't play field hockey, for which the women on the team at that time should be eternally grateful.

Over the past year or so, I've been seeing Top Siders ALL OVER THE PLACE. And frankly, some friends in Greece who were sporting them were what inspired this post. I'm not going to lie: I dig it. So consider this post my salute to companies Sperry, Timberland (who made the shoes above) and Chatham Marine UK, as well as all of the other companies who have introduced Top Siders to a whole new generation of ironic prepsters who are currently roaming the Mission as well as the streets of Williamsburg. Well played, my friends, well played.