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November 14, 2013

Styley Places: Creative Time Fall Ball @Output

Three cheers to Stacy Engman for her jeweled headband, pigtails, and ginormously awesome cocktail ring. I took this photograph at the Creative Time Fall Ball on Tuesday night. I've noticed Stacy at events before, and frequently admired the way she manages to look like a chic Queen of the Fairies. She seems like the kind of person for whom the word "bedecked" was invented. Turns out she's extremely nice, charming, and patient with photographers who are having drinks spilled on them and whose equipment is being jostled by revelers. 

Stacy, now that I've met you (sort of) in person I think you're even cooler than I already did. Someday I will wear a cocktail dress at 10AM in your honor.

While we're on the topic of Tuesday night (which we are, vaguely), let's discuss the fact that Creative Time, a supremely cool organization that commissions public art projects, chose to have its event at Output in Williamsburg. And I didn't even bat an eye. A decade ago, when people first started talking about Williamsburg, I remember meeting someone at a coffee shop on Bedford Avenue. There was only one. Now there are about four billion of them. I know I shouldn't be surprised, because that's just how New York is, but I find myself surprised (and delighted) nonetheless. The romance continues.

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