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September 18, 2013

Styley Art: “Audible Presence” at Dominique Levy

Does anyone remember the Rag & Bone outpost on Madison and East 73rd Street? I do, and fondly. At some point I noticed that it had disappeared, and while I wouldn't say that I've been actively mourning the loss, from time to time I find myself annoyed sad about the fact that I can't walk ten blocks and have immediate access to all the those perfect pants and boots and shirts. Sure, online has its perks, but let's face it: there's nothing like being able to get what you want EXACTLY WHEN YOU WANT IT.

It turns out, however, that that particular installation of Rag & Bone was merely that--an installation. A pop-up shop. Which is what gallerist Dominique Levy discovered one afternoon. Dismayed about not being able to find a new gallery space, she did what women everywhere do when they're annoyed: She went shopping. At Rag & Bone. And discovered that the space the store inhabited was up for grabs.

And so one could argue that shopping was the gateway drug to art. Certainly it was the gateway to "Audible Presence," a show featuring work by Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, and Cy Twombly. To Levy, the show is like and about poetry, an idea I can certainly support. The forms have structure, yet they're fluid, full of movement.  Sort of like one of my favorite poetic forms, the sestina. These works are human sized, yet touched with the sublime, like all the best poems (and stories, for that matter).

(Lucio Fontana's Concetto Spazialle, Attese, 1957 provides the frame for said vanishing point.)

(Black and white remix of Cy Twombly's Anabasis, 1980)

(Black and white remix of a closeup of Lucio Fontana's Concetto Spaziale, Il Cielo di Venezia, 1961.)

(Black and white remix of Yves Klein's Untitled Blue Sculpture, 1957.)

Audible Presence at Dominique Levy, 909 Madison @ 73rd. Open Tuesday-Friday 10AM-6PM; Saturday 10AM-5PM, and by appointment.

P.S. The dress in the lead photo is by Theory, one of those fairy princess/girly pieces they tuck in there among the well cut pants and jackets.