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Groovy wooden spoons by Ariele Alasko (IG=@arielealasko) at the pop-up on Saturday.

December 23, 2014

Instagram Artisans: Ariele Alasko, Josephine Noel, Amelie Mancini, Nick Lundeen

So, Saturday afternoon I decided to go to a pop-up shop in Brooklyn. I thought it was in Williamsburg, but that's only because I had to take the L to get there, and to me, the L means Williamsburg.

Go ahead, laugh. But I never claimed to know anything about Brooklyn. Or about geography.

As it turned out, the pop-up shop was not in Williamsburg at all, but in Bed-Stuy. When telling myself which neighborhood I was going to, I failed to take into account the part of the Google Maps directions that instructed me to take the L to the G. I've always been dubious about the G, and ever since I discovered that it only runs every twenty minutes on the weekends, my dubiousness has been slowly hardening into an active dislike. So I took the bus, which I love doing, because it allows you to actually see where you are. And on Saturday that turned out to be the Marcy Projects, otherwise known as the birthplace of Jay Z. 

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