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February 7, 2014

Fashion Week Dispatch #2

Is Mercury in retrograde right now? What else would explain the weird shit that's been happening to me this month? I have now gone from zero fashion shows in two decades to two fashion shows in two days. Hooray!

Yesterday afternoon I was walking down W. 37th Street to shoot outside the Hache show at Hosfelt Gallery. There was a woman in front of me who stopped and asked me if I was going to the show. She had a French accent and was sporting the black Nike sneakers I'm thinking I might buy, since it gets tiresome to wear the same (dirty) white Converse every day. I told her I was just going to grab some streetstyle shots outside the venue. "Do you want this," she said, waving an invitation under my nose. "I have three of them, and I'm by myself." 

Of course I wanted it. So I took it.

The Hache show brought me great joy, since it contained, among other things:

1) Shoes that looked like a pair of Creepers and pair of Doc Martens had spent a drunken night together;

2) Plaid skirts and pants;

3) Glittery lame tops and makeup;

4) Leopard;

5) Jackets of many shapes and sizes involving boiled wool and fur;

6) Fabrics that looked like they were probably used to upholster chairs during the Victorian era (see below);


7) Striped tube socks.

My seventeen-year-old Sassy magazine reading self was in ecstasy. My current self was also pretty happy. In the words of the inimitable Britney Spears, "Gimme gimme more/Gimme more/Gimme gimme more."



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