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  • January 8, 2015

    Warm, NYC

    And so I moved. Downtown. To Nolita, one of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods, and where I already spent most of my time drinking coffee and working in the places that sold me said coffee. Although…

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    • December 23, 2014

      Instagram Artisans: Ariele Alasko, Josephine Noel, Amelie Mancini, Nick Lundeen

      So, Saturday afternoon I decided to go to a pop-up shop in Brooklyn. I thought it was in Williamsburg, but that's only because I had to take the L to get there, and to me, the L means Williamsburg.

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      • October 9, 2013

        Jamie David, Howard Street

        TS: What's the story behind the shoes? Where do they come from?

        Jamie David: They're actually samples of shoes that 7 for All Mankind did;…

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        • October 9, 2013

          Kylie Sirico, SEO specialist

          The Styley: So what's the story behind your amazing studded shoes?

          Kylie Sirico: I had the day off, and I was wandering around Boston--I used to live in the Boston area--looking…

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          • October 4, 2013

            The Styley: Martha Sarfaty, cheesemonger

            The Styley: You're a cheesemonger, which means you sell cheese. Where do you do that?

            Martha Sarfaty: The Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg.

            TS: Let's start with…

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            • October 2, 2013

              The Styley: Zach Frater, volunteer, Queerocracy

              The Styley: And what drew you to the turtleneck, which is gingham, not a print one often sees on turtlenecks?

              Zach Frater: I like to wear kind of feminine clothing. I find a lot of…

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              • September 30, 2013

                The Styley: Jessica Cook

                The Styley: Can you tell me what the story is behind your shoes?

                Jessica Cook: I got them from Beacon's Closet. They were $15. I think they're Sven, but I'm not sure. I…

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                • September 29, 2013

                  The Styley: Kate Logue

                  The Styley: What is the story behind your skirt?

                  Kate Logue: It's actually a dress. I bought it after work one day. I needed something a little bit longer for the office--I work…

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                  • September 27, 2013

                    The Styley: Sara Majka, writer

                    TS: What's the story behind your fantastic skirt?

                    SM: I got it at a flea market in LA. I was there overnight. In the morning, I saw the flea market and went to it. I love lace and…

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                    • September 25, 2013

                      The Styley: Chloe Huang, student at the School of Visual Arts

                      What's the story behind your shirt?

                      I found this shirt in Bushwick, at my favorite vintage thrift store. The name is Urban Jungle.…

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                      • September 18, 2013

                        Styley Art: "Audible Presence" at Dominique Levy

                        Does anyone remember the Rag & Bone outpost on Madison and East 73rd Street? I do, and fondly. At some point I noticed that it had disappeared, and while I…

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